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“Learning to Play - Playing to learn”

I had this dream when I first got my beloved Earn, I call it my powerful why!! It was what I dreamt for us and how our future would be. We will play games, have lovely walks, have loads of doggy friends and so much more. This is however not how my beloved turned out.

Naughty…. Oh my!! She could be an absolute saint at home and on some walks and then turn into this scary, lunging, barking crazy dog. I was embarrassed as people looked on and frowned, I felt like a failure.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What if I told you there is a simple, effective and FUN way to train your dog that almost magically forms an incredible bond between you and teaches you both to cope with life in a new way.

I ‘teach’ concepts such as confidence, calmness, proximity, focus etc. using games- based activities rather than purely just basic obedience. The results transfer much better to real life situations and create bombproof relationships between dog and owner.

Let me teach you to play games you will both love. Thousands of dogs around the world and their owners are living better lives thanks to this innovative cutting-edge science-based approach to dog training.

All you will need are a few minutes a day, your dogs daily food allowance and to remember your powerful why of your dream dog.

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